Makeup And Mystery: Bailey Sarian On Her YouTube View Growth

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Famous YouTuber Bailey Sarian, well-known for her YouTube channel that focuses on makeup and mystery vlogs, recently watched her first YouTube video.

Both mystery and makeup vlogs have been around for a long time. As a fact, there are millions of YouTube videos that focus on makeup tutorials and true crime videos. But, in order to stand out from the rest, you have to think laterally. And, in 2013, that’s just what YouTuber Baliey Sarian did.

Makeup And Mystery: Bailey Sarian On Her YouTube Success

Makeup and Mystery? What?

A statistic by YouTube has shown that 60% of females watch true crime videos. And there’s no better way to appeal to female audiences than to combine makeup tutorials while discussing gruesome acts. True crime videos made a resurgence in 2015 after the release of the popular podcast series “Serial” and “Making a Murderer”. Even Earnest Pettie, the Trends and Insights Lead from the Culture and Trends department of YouTube have noted that the female audience may be reflected by the creators that comprise the community. Five out of the ten channels are named after the creators themselves, and four of them had names that are traditionally thought of as female names, such as Eleanor and Bailey. Pettie also added, “And many of these creators migrated to true crime from the beauty community, another community whose audience skews heavily female.”

Makeup And Mystery: Bailey Sarian On Her YouTube Success

Bailey Sarian pretty much started this whole ordeal with her “get ready with me” technique. This involves Bailey talking to her audiences as she puts on makeup as she prepares for her day. She discusses topics that range from the Jamestown massacre to the exorcism of Anna Ecklund while doing her makeup. This strategy proved to be a good standard, as she now has almost 3 million subscribers in her 7th year on YouTube.

Pettie explained that the success behind this format was because both the creators and the subscribers discover, develop, and share their interest In true crime through a shared hobby; makeup. This has opened the floodgates to many other True Crime YouTube channels, such as BuzzFeed Unsolved, Real Stories, and True Crime Daily.

YouTube Micro-Niche Success Grows View Explosion on Trending

The true crime genre has now become something that’s more than a trend. It has become something that is a long-standing genre all on its own. It is a genre that tries to explain the human psyche and to examine the mysteries that surround it.

Makeup tutorials are also huge on YouTube. There is a lot to choose from, and all of them would provide you with the look that you have always wanted to. Everyone, from the Kardashians to world-famous Drag Queens have their own beauty channel that wants to bring out the power of makeup. They all want to give their audiences the confidence that they wanted when it comes to having believed in themselves.

But, combining both would give their target audience the entertainment that they have always been looking for. It combines the aspects of entertainment that are on a different scale; the fascination with the human psyche, and beauty tutorials.

Bailey’s Reaction:

Bailey found her first video as cringeworthy, just as anyone would upon seeing their old selves. Though that in itself is not something to be ashamed of, Bailey was laughing at herself 7 years ago. She looks at her old, nervous self and laughs at herself as she films her first YouTube video with her mobile phone all while sitting on her bedroom floor. Little did she know that she would singlehandedly start a revolution that would change YouTube for the next 7 years. 7 years after her first video, Sarian has now garnered almost 3 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Bailey could not help but grimace as she watches herself put on makeup for YouTube for the first time. She recounts her feeling of nervousness and was continuously fumbling. She had a little speech about not wanting to read hate comments, as she valued mental health among all else. She still recalls the feeling of nervousness even after uploading the video and was properly shocked after she discovered that she has garnered almost 60.000 views overnight. She discovered that she was on to something, and that was when she started her successful YouTube channel.

Makeup And Mystery: Bailey Sarian On Her YouTube Success

YouTube wanted to highlight Sarian and her successful 2020 on YouTube. They wanted Bailey to take a trip down memory lane with them, as now that she’s one of the most prolific names on YouTube. 2020 was a standout year for content creators like Bailey, as the pandemic has us staying at home more often.

Behind The Scenes

A cut that did not make it to the final film showed that Bailey had some words that she had always wanted to say to the YouTube community at large. She has shown her gratitude towards everyone who has been with her through her journey. The artist also thanked her subscribers and friends that she has met through her channel. She also acknowledged the mountains of opportunities that have opened up to her after the success of her YouTube channel. Bailey also thanked YouTube for allowing her to have the platform and to create a beautiful community as well.

“It’s just been wild!”, Bailey said, “ I haven’t really had a chance to wrap my brain around it.”

Bailey encouraged all content creators to just keep on creating content that they like. She wants them to do what they have always wanted to do deep down. As everyone has an idea of what they have always wanted to do, Bailey said that all content creators should throw away their fears. If the audience does not like it, then so be it. There will always be a sense of being unsure in whatever they have always wanted to do, and that is completely normal. Bailey parted by giving this advice to all the content creators out there: “Just do it!”

Conclusion from View Growth: What Can You Do?

Many new artists on the trendy music scene are trying and dreaming to replicate the growth Bailey did. What successful steps can you learn and apply to your own musical talents? For starters, she picked a micro niche and focused on growing her audience in this domain. Over the course of time, and through countless hours of hard work, she eventually rose to the top of her area. Being the biggest fish in a smaller pond has its benefits, they say.

You should find a related niche to your music scene, and delve in knee-deep. Focus on making such a big splash in this scene, that word of mouth and viral communication alone will help get your name out there. Even if people hate it, they will talk about it. Sometimes just being known is what makes the biggest difference when it comes to opening musical doors and playing the game of musical chairs.

How the YouTube Algorithm Mimics Viral Growth of Micro Niche Success Stories

What many people don’t even realize is the end behavior of the output from the YouTube algorithms isn’t much different from the method we just described. Namely, the big fish in a small pond mechanism. You see, YouTube has lots and lots of categories, and these categories are broken down into niches, and these niches are broken down into micro niches. The entire purpose of tagging your YouTube video is to help YouTube which exact category, niche, and micro niche the video fits into. This way, YouTube is able to show the video to viewers who match the search term they input into their search bar. YouTube’s job is essentially to align the anticipated view with the video description. It’s obviously done a good job of it all, thus far!

When a video gets an algorithmically impressive response from the average user, such as comments, repeat plays, full watch times, and upvotes – YouTube notes this. When the pattern emerges and maintains itself, your video ends up in the trending category for your niche. Now things get turnt up! If the pattern of responses maintains itself, the video will keep getting an explosion of views, and this is a clear sign that users love the video you made! Once this process repeats a few times over, you’re suddenly in front of millions of eyeballs and you could even be trending on the homepage of the generic music category homepage of YouTube! If its a truly perfect music and video combination, and family friendly – you could be on YouTube’s homepage itself – for hours at a time – globally!

This is How the View Explosion Happens on Seemingly Random Songs

This is what happens on a daily basis on the YouTube platform, and is how new musical artists get discovered on a daily and weekly basis. The best strategy to take is to literally plan out everything perfectly at scale – from beginning to end. Write the best lyrics you can write. Drop the thickest beat you can drop. Film the most artistic video you can film. Edit the most engaging video you can edit.

When the symphony is perfect, the timing is right, and your ideal user audience gets introduced to you – what’s happening is the stars are aligning. You and the life you once knew could be turned upside down, or right-side up, in a matter of a week or two. You could find yourself signing million dollar contracts and being turned into a household name. Then, as you plan on what steps to take next, internet historians like us will document what happened and write an article like this detailing the masterplan. If we are lucky, we may help inspire the next generation of musical artists who go viral on YouTube as well. Who knows? Maybe Baily once read one of our articles years ago, or maybe she got her start buying YouTube views like other successful, viral internet musicians!

Date: November 22, 2021 / Categories: Influencer Marketing, / Author: Joy P


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