YouTube Marketing – How To Get Started

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The best channel for video marketing is YouTube. Sure, Facebook is still the most popular social media platform. But, we can’t discount YouTube’s reputation for being the second largest website and search engine. It is behind its parent company, Google, only. Besides, YouTube centers on video content, while Facebook is more of a multi-purpose platform. Thus, if you want your video content to be noticed, it would be wiser to upload it on YouTube.

YouTube has 2 billion users. Furthermore, a staggering 80% of people ages 18 to 49 watch videos on YouTube. Collectively, they watch 5 billion videos every day and upload 300 hours of videos every minute. All these are testaments to how vast YouTube’s reach is and how much people like the service.

YouTube Marketing - How To Get Started

With all that said, it comes clear why YouTube has become an indispensable marketing tool. It is something that every brand should learn to utilize. Admittedly, that is quite an intimidating task. Luckily, there are resources like this article that can help you get started. Learn the best tips to do successful marketing on YouTube from here.

Pros & Cons

One of the best things about YouTube is that everybody can use it. Whether you own a multibillion corporation or a small business, you will benefit from it. Also, it doesn’t matter if you are an online business, small office business, or even a freelancer. You can leverage YouTube no matter your field or profession. 

Additionally, uploading content on YouTube is a hundred percent free. So, you only have to worry about filming and scriptwriting costs. That makes it superior to having your ads posted on a billboard. Aside from more people will see it on YouTube, it will also make them actually pay attention. Research says that video content is the most engaging form of content. People prefer watching them over reading written advertisements. As a matter of fact, a SmallBizTrends study found that 70% of marketers say videos are responsible for most of their conversions

In exchange for the free marketing tool, YouTube will run ads inside your content. Unfortunately, you would not have control over what promotional content will be included. It could be something unrelated to your product. Thus, it would not help in convincing your audience to buy. It may even divert your prospect’s attention to another thing. But worse than that, the promotional content can be an ad made by your competitor.

There are also limited options for channel customization. It is, unfortunately, close to none. That makes it difficult to show what your branding is all about through the channel itself.

YouTube’s effectiveness as a marketing tool offsets these negatives, though. So despite these cons, many businesses still use it.

YouTube Marketing - How To Get Started

Michelle Phan’s story shows how successful one can be using YouTube. In 2007, she began uploading make-up video tutorials. Her videos quickly became popular and earned her 8.83 million subscribers. Phan’s success on YouTube allowed her to start her own make-up line – valued at $500 million.

If a business like that can be born from YouTube, there’s a potential for already established businesses to accomplish more. All one needs to learn is the ins and outs of marketing through YouTube.

Pointers To Remember

For effective marketing using YouTube, your content must be well-produced and well-thought-out. Not an easy task, yes. But it becomes relatively easier once you learn the guidelines. As long as you follow these guidelines, you can rest assured your content will be noticed and watched. In turn, it will increase your brand’s visibility and then boost your sales.

So, what should you do to ensure that happens?

Select Your Format

You don’t have a lot of options for customizing your channel. But, there’s a lot when choosing your format. There are so many things you can do. You can do interviews, vlogs, product reviews, or how-to tutorials. The podcast route is also available. TV commercial-style videos are also viable. 

Now, there is no one “right” format. All of these can help you achieve your goals. However, one could be more suited for a specific niche than the others. Likewise, one format could resonate well with your audience while the others – not so well. The best you can do is check out these different formats and determine which one would work best with your business.

Ensure The Content You Produce Is of Good Quality

Video production could be expensive. But it does not need to always be like that. You can create a video without spending much, and it will be just as effective as those that cost a lot.

What you need to remember is to ensure there’s good lighting and the audio is clear. Making sure everything can be clearly seen and heard is imperative to guarantee the success of the video.

A tripod to keep the camera steady and basic editing software will be great purchases. They will improve the quality of your content.

YouTube Marketing - How To Get Started

Do Search Engine Optimization Using Keywords

Your competitor’s content could lead them to your channel. But don’t leave it at that. You must make sure that your videos will be discoverable. Otherwise, you are just wasting your effort at creating them.

This is very easy to do, fortunately. What you need to do is set keywords in place. They will tell YouTube and the viewers what your videos are all about. That will make your video appear higher on search.

It would help if you also utilized hashtags, as they will further amp up your content’s visibility. 

Include Calls To Action

Of course, you should not forget to tell your audience what they can do after watching the video. You can ask them to like, subscribe, and share the video. Also, you can ask them to rate your content to find out things you can improve. Your YouTube videos will also help drive traffic to your website. So don’t forget to add its link to t0he video descriptions. Likewise, you can send your viewers to your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts.

Do all of these, and you’ll find yourself with more customers than ever before.

Socialize and Promote Your Content

Getting your video uploaded does not mark the end. You must maintain an active presence. 

For sure, the people that found your content would have something to say or ask. They will likely post it in the comments section. As much as possible, respond to them. Thank them if they are praising your brand and your products and answer their inquiries if they have some. That will strengthen your bond with your customers, which is what social media marketing is all about.

Last, don’t forget to promote your videos. Keywords and hashtags will help, but you, yourself, spreading the word about the channel will increase its visibility faster. So always include that in your strategy.

Now that you’ve learned about these, you are all set. Make haste. Your competitors who’ve been on YouTube before you arrived are likely ahead of you. But fret not. As long as you follow these guidelines, you’ll be able to catch up faster than you can say, “Subscribe to our YouTube channel.”

Now That You’ve Started YouTube Marketing, What Do You Do After?

You have probably heard that consistency is key, and it’s absolutely true. This is most true in the time and duration of what you are effectively delivering or uploading. The content you are putting out has to be of the highest caliber but has to come at consistent time intervals so your audience builds in their daily lives a segment of their day just for you. It’s not all about the algorithm, it’s about teaching your audience to allow you into their life. This is the fundamental nature of a successful marketing campaign for a new or growing YouTuber.

You can begin finding and optimizing the content process once you have enough YouTube views to represent a statistically viable information set. You don’t want to make big changes with only a few hundred views. Once you have 100 videos and hundreds of thousands of views, you can begin to take a historical approach to see what videos did better than others. Finding patterns in content, approach, and the many other aspects and trades that impact your video is a critical component. You will want to do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t. Some topics might be absolute bangers, while others might fall on deaf ears. The video views themselves tell a story when you look at the audience retention statistics. If you have a video that has most of the audience sticking all the way through, that’s quite obviously a good thing! You will want to do more of that, perhaps at a different angle, or in a different setting.

Soon you will find yourself what can only be described as a self-sustaining business model. At this point in the YouTube marketing game, you will be able to accurately predict how much money each YouTube view is worth. The common estimate is somewhere between $1 and $3 per one thousand YouTube views. However, as you will soon find out this number really depends on the sponsorship deals you choose to run, assuming you can get them! Email communication and coordination with these clients is a big part of the game, and you will soon develop lawyer-like skills as you read through the fine details of the contracts they will need you to sign.

Now you have some serious business on your hands, and it’s time to find the scalable marketing method everyone describes as buying YouTube views. This can be done in a variety of ways, and PPC or YouTube Ads are one of the biggest and most expensive ways to buy real YouTube views. There are even third-party websites that allow you to buy real YouTube views, but this is the marketing world so you will need to be careful. If you are at this point, feel free to read our list of the Top 10 Best sites to buy real YouTube views from to know where you can safely invest in yourself. Once you start buying or investing in YouTube views, you will need to carefully measure the financial impact of what happens afterward. If you can reliably demonstrate a positive ROI, you will have an easily scalable business model on your YouTube Channel that will change your life for the better.

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