2020’s Guide Into Growing Your YouTube Following

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YouTube is the second-largest search engine next to its parent company Google. A lot of people and brands have already started their own YouTube channel and hopes to become popular. However, the platform is already overly crowded with popular channels. This fact makes it difficult for new channels to become known by their target audiences.

Fortunately, there are various steps that new YouTubers can do in order to catch the attention of their audience. If you want to grow your YouTube following, below are the steps that you need to follow:

Step 1. Look For Untapped Video Keywords

Conducting good keyword research for your YouTube videos is very important. If you use the right keywords, your videos will undoubtedly crawl at the top of search results and video recommendations. However, if you use the wrong keywords, you are endangering the videos you create by burying it on the last page of search results. 

You can use free keyword research tools online. These tools will give you a list of keywords that your target audience will likely look for when they search for your niche on YouTube.

2020’s Guide Into Growing Your YouTube Following

When searching for keywords, the first thing you need to do is to identify your seed keywords. Seed keywords are simply the main topic where your video revolves around. If you are in the digital marketing space, one example of seed keywords is “social media.” However, it is important to note that you are not going to optimize your video around seed keywords alone. They are too competitive and your video will not rank up if you use just them. 

After identifying your seed keywords, the next thing you need to do is to pop them up into keyword research tools. Alternatively, you can also use YouTube’s search feature. This will help you find out what exactly the people in your niche are searching for. This method will give you dozens of long-tail keywords that you can utilize.

Once you have chosen your long-tail keyword, the lasting you have to do is to conduct a YouTube Competition Analysis. This step will help you find out which long-tail keywords work well on YouTube and are not super competitive, resulting in essentially buying YouTube views on your channel

Step 2. Create Videos That are Optimized For Watch Time

When starting a YouTube channel, your top goal must be to keep people on your channel. Such is also the reason why the algorithm of YouTube emphasizes watch the time so much. YouTube loves videos that get a lot of watch time. So, the more time viewers watch spend watching your video, the higher YouTube’s algorithm will rank it. 

In addition, your videos must be long but not too lengthy. Videos that are 10 minutes or longer in length are more likely to rank on searches. On the other hand, videos that are five minutes or shorter in length are basically invisible on the platform. 

Moreover, the first fifteen seconds of your YouTube video is the key to maintain your viewers until the end of it. For this reason, make sure that the introS of your videos are appealing and attention-grabbing. 

2020’s Guide Into Growing Your YouTube Following

Do not talk too much in your intro especially if what you are talking about is not related to your video’s main topic. After the first 15 seconds, make sure that you go straight to the point. Discuss whatever your video is all about. 

Step 3. Make Sure to Optimize Your YouTube Videos

Search engine optimization or simply SEO is very important on YouTube. If you want your videos to appear at the top of searches and recommendations, you need to optimize every video that you publish.

You were able to identify the keyword that you will use for your video title. Now, it is time to optimize that in such a way that will attract your target audience. To make your titles more effective, write them in a way that will maximize CTR.

YouTube said that it uses click-through rate, so it is important to utilize that if you want your videos to be on top. The more people click on your content, the more the platform will promote it.

Step 4. Write SEO-friendly Descriptions That are Rich In Keywords

According to YouTube, short descriptions will not help you rank up your videos. It would be more helpful if you will write in-depth descriptions that are keyword-rich and SEO-friendly. This way, the platform will recognize your video more and will recommend you to more viewers. 

Moreover, another helpful step if you want to rank up your videos is to use tags. Use two to three tags that include or are close to your main keywords. 

After choosing tags that are related to your target keywords, use two to three tags that can help you describe the topic of your video. Lastly, add another two to three tags that will describe the industry you are in. This will help you better reach your target audience. In addition, you will become more discoverable when people search for topics related to your niche.

Step 5. Use Attention-grabbing Thumbnails That Stand Out

There are several things that you can do in order to create attention-grabbing thumbnails.

First, use a lot of contrast. Your thumbnails will stand out if the colors of your thumbnails will clash as much as possible. 

2020’s Guide Into Growing Your YouTube Following

Next, use colors that will stand out on the platform. YouTube is mostly black and red. For you to stand out, refrain from using red, white, and black in your thumbnails. Instead, use colors that will contrast with YouTube’s theme. This will catch the eyes of your audience. And, if your thumbnails are really interesting, they will likely click on your videos and watch them.

Step 6. Create and Promote Playlists That are Optimized

Having playlists is one of the most underrated ways to get more views. This is because playlists can dramatically increase your Session Time.

Session Time is simply the total amount of time that a viewer spends on your YouTube channel. The more organized our playlists are, the more likely viewers will spend time checking them out.

Date: July 29, 2020 / Categories: YouTube, / Author: Joy P


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