Seven Effective Steps to Increase YouTube Views

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If you uploaded a video and bought YouTube views instantly, and your objective is to increase likes, then you are facing some extreme competition. This platform is overly crowded with channels that already have a massive number of followers. This factor makes it hard for new YouTubers to thrive. So, your video must be both entertaining and engaging, rather than just instructive. If you will be able to keep your audience watching until the end of your video, there is a great chance that you will be able to make them visit your channel and follow you.

However, you have to genuinely pull in your target audience first. You need to make them interested in your video, make them cry, or make them laugh. If you can, you should also be able to make them consider you in a fascinating and unique manner. 

Seven Effective Steps to Increase YouTube Views

The initial step before getting people to like your videos are to be seen. Getting more real YouTube views is the second-largest internet search engine after its parent company Google. For this reason, it is easier to target your audience, reach them, and make them like your videos. However, YouTube is also overly crowded. This makes it hard for some YouTube channels that are still newly-built to seen by their target audiences. 

Still, YouTube is an amazing platform if you can utilize it effectively. 

1. Know who your target audience is

You will never be able to increase your YouTube views if you do not know your target audience. To begin with, you need to find out the demographics of your audience. You need to decide whether your target audiences is male or female, their age range, as well as the things they are interested in. This will help you create content that is perfectly catered to them. 

Once you have created your audience demographics, take help from YouTube itself. Navigate to the analytics tab of your channel. There, you will be able to see your channel’s details. These details include your view checks, audience’s behavior, average watch time, revenue, comments, preferences, as well as how your audience interacts with you. These will allow you to further improve your content based on how they behave on your channel.

2. Utilize relevant keywords and explanatory titles

Keyword research is a significant factor in this step. A descriptive and attention-grabbing title will allow you to accomplish two things. The first one is to provide YouTube’s algorithm with keywords that it can rank. On the other hand, the next one is to inform and educate your viewers on what your video is all about.

Once you have already used relevant keywords, you will want to find out if it is doing its job of attracting audiences. You can do such by going to keyword planner and then select YouTube. Uploading a video that used relevant keywords will allow you to increase the natural perspective by telling your target audience exactly what your video is all about. 

Seven Effective Steps to Increase YouTube Views

3. Tell viewers to subscribe

The most straightforward approach that you can do to increase your YouTube subscribers is to urge your viewers to subscribe. Remember, gaining new subscribers will help you increase your views for every video you upload.

You do not need anything grand in this step. You can simply ask them to click on the subscribe button at the beginning or end of your video. In addition, ask them to turn on the bell or notification button. This way, they will receive updates whenever you uploaded new content. 

4. Use high-quality thumbnails

A high-quality thumbnail is equally important as the video itself. This is because your thumbnail will tell people what your video is all about. In addition, will also help you attract the audience into playing your video. For this reason, you have to utilize excellent pictures that will allow you to clearly highlight the important or interesting parts of your video. Remember, a thumbnail that looks interesting and sparks people’s curiosity has a great chance of attracting more viewers. 

5. Use relevant tags

Using tags that are relevant to your content can help you expand your YouTube views. Tags can bring your videos on the organic search results page and video recommendations. In addition, tags can even suggest your videos on other social media platforms. 

One thing worth noting when using tags is that they should be relevant to your title’s main keyword. They should also reflect on what your video is also about. Also, be careful in using tags that are not appropriate for your video. This is because the wrong tags will prevent your video from showing on YouTube’s recommendation or organic search results page. 

Seven Effective Steps to Increase YouTube Views

To add tags, simply head to the short-tail SEO option. This will help you enhance how you use the tags that are relevant to your content. If you want better tags, you can try using a keyword research tool. There, look for supporting keywords that are connected to the main keyword that you used on your title. This will help you ensure that none of the tags you will use are irrelevant to your content. 

6. Integrate a watermark into your video

A watermark lets you get more subscribers and views by promoting your channel over the entirety of your content. A watermark is basically a picture that you can set to appear on all of your videos. Whenever a viewer clicks or taps on our watermark, they will be prompted to subscribe to your channel.

However, you first have to check whether your YouTube account has a watermark option. This is helpful in attracting viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel. But it is important to note that you cannot choose which of your videos will and will not have a watermark. They will either appear on all of your videos or none of them. 

In order to integrate a watermark to your content, navigate to the Creator Studio, and then click on the Branding button. There, you will be able to add a watermark to your videos only if your YouTube account has a watermark option.

Date: July 21, 2020 / Categories: YouTube, / Author: Joy P


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