The Key Factors For A Growing YouTube Sales and Views

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If there is one fact that proves the efficacy of YouTube in advertisements, it is that one-third of internet users admitted that they purchased a particular product because they saw it on YouTube. If you think that brands are winning the YouTube advertising game, then you are wrong. In fact, kids are doing very much better jobs compared to ad experts. 

There is even a channel owned by an 8 years old who generates billions of organic views without paid advertising. What’s more, there is not even a single brand that made it to the top 100 YouTube channels.

You may be thinking if brands are doing something wrong that is why regular YouTubers beat them in the game. In addition, you may be asking if there is something brands can do to win. Well, there are three things that every YouTuber, brands or not, must obsess over if they want to grow their YouTube channel. 

YouTube Key Factors

Every single minute, more than 500 hours of videos are uploaded to the video-sharing platform. With this much competition, you need to look for a niche that you can stick to. If you do not, people will forget you, let alone will not know your existence. So if you want your YouTube channel to grow, you need to build it around a hub of video series. Meaning, you have to create episodic videos that have a consistent format, a posting schedule, casts, and topic. 

YouTube’s top creators have all built their channels around the hub content. For instance, the Try Guys is a channel run by four friends who focus their content on trying new experiences. Their videos’ format is always consistent. For every video, the four friends try things they have not done before such as baking, nail extensions, fire cupping, and eating challenges. In addition, they have a schedule for posting their content. Due to their focused efforts, they were able to grow their channel to seven million subscribers and more than a billion of total views. Grow more YouTube views from your YouTube channel using this method. 

Dude Perfect has more than 50 million subscribers as well as 10.5 billion views in total. His hub content is built around elaborate trick shots that attract the attention of his audiences. In addition, they have a schedule for content upload every other Monday, making the audience come back to their channel on a fixed schedule. 

YouTube Prioritizes Videos with a High Retention Rate

Tech-savvy individuals found out that the algorithm of YouTube prioritizes videos that have a minimum length of 10 minutes and a retention rate of 45 percent and above. So, once you have already created your hub format, the next thing for you to work on is extending the watch time of every video you upload. To help you do this, YouTube provides an audience retention data. 

The Key Factors for a Growing YouTube Sales and Views

Moreover, YouTube analytics display a second by second data to show you what parts of your videos are at a peak. Through this data, you will be able to find out which aspects of your video is making you lose your audience.

Once you know what is causing you to lose your audience, you will be able to eliminate it in your next video. In addition, you will be able to make changes based on the insights provided by YouTube analytics, allowing you to cater to better content to your audience. 

If you apply this method to each of your videos, you will be able to methodologically increase your watch time. As a result, you will have your content on higher rankings. 

What Brands are Doing Wrong?

Brands often think that their target audience will subscribe to them if they deliver great content. But the truth is you only have to ask people to subscribe and they will do it promptly. 

The Key Factors for a Growing YouTube Sales and Views

Early in your video, ask your viewers to click on the subscribe button. You do not have to make any grand gestures when asking. Just keep it simple. If your viewers see that your video is worth watching, they will subscribe to your channel for more. This is where consistency comes into the picture. You have to be consistent with the quality of your content. If not, you will end up losing the subscribers that you hard-earned. 

YouTube provides every content creators with a number of tools they can leverage to convert viewers into subscribers. The most successful YouTubers use all of these tools.

For instance, an end screen is a tool that lets content creators include clickable overlays at the end of their videos. This tool is a great way to convert viewers into subscribers. If someone was able to make it to the end of your video, then it is most likely because they enjoyed it. As a result, they will want to see more of your content. Take advantage of this and verbally ask them to subscribe for more great videos. Remind them that subscribing is the greatest way to keep them updated when you publish new content. 

The Key Factors for a Growing YouTube Sales and Views


Apart from end screens, there are also several other tactics. 

YouTube lets content creators add a watermark in the lower right part of their videos. These watermarks serve as the click to subscribe button. A lot of times, brands use their logo as their videos’ watermark. However, the problem is that a logo does not communicate the brand’s desired action. But if you add a subscribe button as a watermark, the rate of people who subscribe double on average. 

In addition, you should never shy away when promoting your channel. In an instance that you have an email list or a decent number of followers in social media, utilize it to promote your channel. Use the one-click to subscribe features or create a subscribe link so your potential subscribers can subscribe to your channel in a single click. 

No doubt, YouTube is worth all your investments if you utilize it properly. You only have to create great content and use the features mentioned above in order to successfully grow your channel.

Date: July 6, 2020 / Categories: Tips, / Author: Joy P


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