The Top 10 of the Most Viewed YouTubers in 2020

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Buying real YouTube views isn’t something these superstars need to do. YouTube has provided people with millions of unique videos ever since it was created. Every day, new viral clips, vlogs, and music videos are uploaded on the platform. On top of that, there are now thousands of individuals called “YouTubers” who frequently publish fresh content on the platform. But with these thousands of content creators, only a few are dominating. 

10 of the Most Viewed YouTubers in 2020

Without further adieu, here are the top 10 most viewed YouTubers in 2020:


elrubiusOMG or RubenDoblas Gundersen in real life is a 30-year-old YouTuber who primarily streams gameplay. He currently has 37.9 million YouTube subscribers. 

Apart from streaming online games like shown in his most popular video Minecraft “Miner” featuring StarkinDJ, Gundersen also hosts the occasional interview into his feed. Also, he hosts Chatroulette adventure. 

9. Felipe Neto

In many ways than one, Felipe Neto is the personification of the nonsensical popularity contest on YouTube. This Brazilian vlogger has a total of 38.3 million subscribers. He primarily makes comedic videos and reacts to cultural events and celebrity news. Neto also generally talks to the camera at 60 frame rates per second while in his amateur home set. What’s more, all of his subscribers are in for all the content that he uploads. 

Currently, Felipe Neto’s most popular video is the REPUBLICO – Parodia DESPACITO. This video is his comedic parody of Luis Fonti’s popular song Despacito.

8. whinderssounnunes

Whinderssoun Nunes is Brazil’s most beloved and shirtless YouTuber. This 25-year-old YouTuber keeps the attention of his 39.6 million subscribers by uploading a stream of ranty vlogs. If such content does not make you stay on his channel, he’s got a portfolio of pop parodies. This includes Starboy by The Weeknd, Love Yourself by Justin Bieber, and Hello by Adele. 

7. JuegaGerman

JuegaGerman or German Garmendia is a Chilean comedian and musician who has 39.8 million YouTube subscribers. This 30-year-old YouTuber primarily plays video games for his channel’s content. But apart from video games, he also riffs on everyday topics and explores the internet. 

This is not the last time that you will see this YouTuber appear on this list.

JuegaGerman’s most popular video on his channel is the one titled Singing comments.

6. HolaSoyGerman

As mentioned, the seventh spot is not the last time that you will see Garmendia on this list. This YouTube channel is the Chilean YouTuber’s output on his original channel. 

The HolaSoyGerman channel does not involve gaming. Apart from that, it has already waned from its popularity. However, Germandia’s accomplishments on this channel, as well as in the JuegaGerman channel earned him two Diamond Play Buttons.

10 of the Most Viewed YouTubers in 2020

Moreover, this YouTuber also sells books, campaigns with Greenpeace, and plays in a band. In this channel, his most popular video is entitled, Brothers. 

5. Vlad and Nikita

This channel, which is one of the most popular channels in the world, features shows for children and is hosted by children.

Vlad and Nikita are brothers who came from Russia and relocated to Florida. They make videos with their mom about their day, such as their morning routine and pretend play.

The Vlad and Nikita YouTube channel primarily focuses on themes of togetherness and sharing. It has already amassed a massive 42.1 million YouTube subscriber. This made the brothers as two of the most popular YouTube stars today. 

This channel’s most popular video is titled Vlad and Nikita Ride on The Bus.

4. Dude Perfect

This entertainment YouTube channel published its very first video back in the year 2009. Until now, Dude Perfect’s popularity did not wane for even a bit. He now has 51.4 million subscribers on his channel. 

Dude Perfect began his channel’s content with a sandwich, a camera, as well as 20 “I can do better than you” buckets. That video showcased jaw-dropping skills and a message of faith. Since then, the owners of the channel Tyler Toney and his band of Texas A&M alums, aimed to make an impact on the lives of trick-shot devotees everywhere. 

According to the dudes, their main goal is to glorify Jesus Christ in all the things that they do. They also want to use the video-sharing platform for something much bigger than them.

Moreover, the channel’s most popular content is their Water Bottle Flip 2 video.

3. Kids Diana Show

Unboxing toys and simulated plays with various new toys is a thing that is alive and well on YouTube. The Kids Diana Show channel proves this right with its 55.3 million subscribers.

It seems as if kids cannot get enough of watching other children play with the toys they want. This is a trend that played a significant role in the popularity of this channel. Its content focuses on the titular Diana, and she pretends to play with her new toys like giant building blocks and mini carriages. There are also times when Roma, her brother, appears in her videos. However, this little guy has his own YouTube channel.

Diana’s most popular video is Diana and her Barbie car – Camping adventure.

2. Like Nastya Vlog

Similar to Vlad and Nikita, this little YouTuber also came to Florida from Russia. Nastya’s channel is dedicated to making videos for kids. As of now, she has a total of 55.9 million subscribers. 

10 of the Most Viewed YouTubers in 2020

Most of Nastya’s videos have her dad with her. Together, the two of them make scripted adventure stories that are inspired by fairy tales and nursery rhymes. This channel’s most popular content is the Nastya and papa sleeping at their Farm Sheep Family fun trip.

1. PewDiePie

Felix Kjellberg or PewDiePie is the problematic Swedish king of YouTube. This 30-year-old YouTuber now has 105 million subscribers. He loves reviewing memes and making vlogs that play like a more manic version of Conan’s segments of Clueless Gamer. However, this YouTuber has already landed in hot water a couple of times for dropping racial slurs, sympathizing with Nazis, and publishing anti-semitic videos. 

Still, fans are loyal to a fault. Disney has already broken its tie with this YouTuber. YouTube has also canceled one of his series. Besides, Google removed him from its Preferred Premium Ad Tier Status. Yet, PewDiePie made it clear in his half-baked apology videos that he’s here to stay.

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