How to Drive Reach and Engage Audience at Scale With YouTube

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Now is the age of digital video. People spend more time at home, so they look for things that can entertain them. This is the reason why fresh content is at an all-time high. Needless to say, the shift from linear to digital video is increasing.

Particularly on YouTube, more than two billion people around the globe are in search of timely content. The videos that people search for varies, from Post Malone’s live-streamed living room concerts to news about current events such as the rally for racial justice. In addition, viewers are favoring the TV screen. In fact, its watch time is growing across regions. For instance, watch time on YouTube and YouTube TV on TV screens increased by 80 percent year over year in the US. 

How to Drive Reach and Engage Audience at Scale By Building Your Brand With YouTube

Leading brands are now making the most of the massive reach of YouTube. They are also utilizing relevant content in order to build brand awareness, as well as drive results, at scale. If you are an advertiser who wants to achieve such goals, read on as we will share with you the ways to do just that. That includes expanded advanced contextual targeting and expanded reach planning solutions. Notably, the latter is a new and better way of showing up in the right context for your brand’s customers. 

Expanded Tools For Driving Efficient Reach and Increasing Brand Awareness on YouTube

Ore viewership, along with the right combination of tools to reach the right audience means that YouTube can offer a wider reach for the same budget. In the US, YouTube’s relationship with Nielsen aids in helping advertisers find the right mix for them. On average, advertisers witnessed that shifting only 20 percent of spend from TV to YouTube generated a 25 percent increase to the total campaign reach within a brand’s target audience. This lowers the cost per reach point by nearly 20 percent 

To help marketers globally, YouTube is expanding its evaluation of Nielsen’s Total Ad Ratings to Italy and the UK.

When marketers utilize the video-sharing platform to drive efficient reach, they are seeing the results pay off in real business results. For instance, Katie Haniffy, PepsiCo Beverages’ Head of Media, turned to Youtube to drive scale and extend the reach of “Gift it Forward,” Pepsi’s holiday campaign. This creative features Cardi B. In addition, it celebrated the gifting mindset during the holiday season.

After Buying YouTube Views, Focus On Engagement

Moreover, YouTube aims to help brands easily plan campaign tactics that utilize the aforementioned incremental reach beyond TV. For this reason, it is planning to expand TV data in Reach Planner to other countries, including France, Spain, and Vietnam. Focus your marketing dollars and buy targeted real YouTube views from these regions for optimal results.

Apart from that, if you are seeking to plan YouTube along with other video partners, the video-sharing giant will now enable reach planning capabilities. This is applicable in your entire Display & Video 360 including YouTube, auction, as well as programmatic deals. 

Ever since the launch, YouTube said that it has seen a number of advertisers combine bumpers and skippable in-stream ads into one campaign that is optimized for unique reach. These advertisers witnessed a higher increase in brand awareness in comparison to advertisers who bought either format on its own. For instance, Marion Carpentier, the Omnie Business Leader of Jules, a French men’s wear brand said that by combining a number of formats into one campaign on YouTube, their brand was not only able to see a steady reach at a more optimal frequency in comparison to other video partners. Yet, they were also able to drive a relative brand lift of 4.9 percent. 

How to Drive Reach and Engage Audience at Scale By Building Your Brand With YouTube

A Fresh Way to Show Up It the Proper Contexts For Your Brand

YouTube has the capability to drive mass reach. Meaning, it can also deliver scale in particular contexts that matter for both your brand and consumers. In addition, the video-sharing giant also announced the launch of YouTube dynamic lineups to make it easier for brands to discover the content that suits them well. Notably, the said feature is powered by advanced contextual targeting.

Advanced contextual targeting is YouTube’s next generation of content targeting. It utilizes the machine learning capabilities of Google in order to better understand every channel on YouTube. That includes the analysis of sound, video imagery, text, and speech. Through this, YouTube is able to create scalable lineups across content based on particular topics, level of popularity, as well as cultural moments. For instance, aside from lifestyle or home lineups in most markets, you will be able to find more nuanced selections such as “home improvement” and “home and garden.” 

With the aforementioned advanced contextual targeting ability, brands will have better access to customers who have unique interests and needs. You will also be able to access brand sustainability controls that matter the most for your business. 

Rinse And Repeat With Minor Variations

In addition, it also means that you will be able to drive greater impact for your brand. Recently, a study conducted by Google and Ipsos in the US found out that video advertising that is based on consumer intent and interest has significantly more impact than demo. It notably has a 32 percent higher lift in ad recall as well as a 100 percent higher lift in purchase intent. 

Moreover, the early adopters of this feature, such as OMD are witnessing strong results using YouTube dynamic lineups to complement their existing audience tactics. According to Chrissie Hanson, OMD’s Global Chief Strategy, using lineups that are powered by advanced contextual targeting “delivers a more relevant and empathetic understanding of audiences.” In turn, this serves to drive more relevant reach and efficiencies for their customers at OMD. This is a part of a broader program that leverages audiences and other strategies across the video-sharing platform.

How to Drive Reach and Engage Audience at Scale By Building Your Brand With YouTube

YouTube dynamic lineups have already begun launching on a rolling basis. In fact, it became fully available across 10 markets at the end of September this year. They are also available across both Display & Video 360 and Google Ads, with more countries coming soon. 

Date: January 6, 2021 / Categories: Tips, / Author: Joy P


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