Choosing YouTube Creators: What Should You Consider for Brand Safety?

Earlier this year, Felix Kjellberg, the most subscribed YouTube creator in the world, made headlines online when he made anti-Semitic jokes on his YouTube channel.

Then, before even a week had passed, another controversy involving YouTube creator and CoverGirl spokesmodel, James Charles,

How to Find People to Collaborate with on YouTube

So, what is a YouTube collaboration? A collaboration is simply when two or more YouTubers create and record a video together.

They usually revolve around a theme, and sometimes different versions are uploaded to the channels of each collaborator. These videos help them cross-promote to their different audiences,

Tips for Getting YouTube Sponsors

According to a recent study, 86% of marketers incorporated influencer marketing in their strategy last year, and are making plans for increasing their allocation for it in the coming years.

As a content creator, that means you have a better chance of landing a sponsorship deal now more than ever.

The 6 Best Collaborations on YouTube

If you’ve spent much time on YouTube, you’ll know that collaborations are a big thing among brands and content creators alike.

Collaborating with a YouTuber can help you reach a whole new network of viewers you might not otherwise come across through your solo efforts. When carried out correctly,

What Do Viewers Really Want From Your Videos?

Video content is now a necessary component of any successful marketing strategy. This year, it's expected that 74% of all internet traffic will be video content.

According to a HubSpot survey and infographic, that’s not even enough: 43% of consumers want to see more video content.

What Makes A Business Video Go Viral?

What does it take to create a video marketing hit?

Some brands spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to create the perfect campaign, but sometimes even the best plan can lead to disappointing results. In the industry they say that to make a major impact with your viewers,

Taking Advantage of Online Video for Marketing

Digital marketing has come a long way over the past couple of years.

Early on, text-based posts reigned supreme on the web, and everyone was pounding on their keyboards to overstuff their content with keywords.

These days, visual content marketing – video marketing, in particular –

What are the Advantages of Buying YouTube Views?

In YouTube Land, killer content is nothing if no one gets to see it.

If you’re solely focusing on just your content, you’re missing out on YouTube marketing gold that can really get you places. Having a solid strategy in place will help you reach more viewers who can appreciate the content you are putting out –

What Are High-Retention YouTube Views and Why Should You Care?

YouTube is a great platform you can use to attract a new audience for your business, bringing in curious viewers who can potentially become customers.

If you notice your videos are getting a lot of views, that’s great! However, you’ll need to look deeper to learn if you’re actually getting views that matter.

Fake Views vs. Real Views – Why It Matters

Unlike other social media platforms, YouTube is notorious for cracking down on users who try to game their system – and cracking down hard. They spare no one in their quest to ensure their website’s integrity, which is why it’s important for any aspiring YouTuber to know the difference between fake views and real views.